Learning Never Stops!

Here I am! After a long sojourn. Thoughts kept coming to my mind but they vanished just as quick as they arrived.

They say ‘Learning never stops’. It is so true. Sharing an experience that keeps coming back to me.

As a tutor, I have these young kids coming to me for guided learning. This incident happened around 8 years ago. This small girl, all of 5 years of age with round face and two pony-tails dangling on the sides of her head, was being difficult, one day. No amount of cajoling, strictness, disciplinarian actions would make her behave. Neither the fact that haveing lost all my patience with her, I screamed! As a principle, I raise my voive but never my hand. That particular day, nothing seemed to work with this brat. Finally, having exhausted every possible tactic, I told her she could stop coming to my place with IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

And what do I see? OH MY! This brat even refused to get out of her seat until I retracted my statement and judgement! She coolly folded her arms over her chest, and kept sitting fixed on her chair until I relented. That was my lesson in ‘Satyagraha’. Her’s was a silent protest against my declaration. This small girl with her determination made me take back my decision and the moment I relented, she was out of my house with a big smile sparkling through her eyes. With a loud “bye! see you tomorrow”, she was gone… Just like that….

I was left behind smiling at the day and the lessons it brought me…

Learning definitely does not stop!

I recall and cherish this memory which brings back smiles, even today!






Can a phone have a heartbeat?

I was lying down on the sofa and the phone was kept on the side, in silent mode.

I felt as if the phone’s heart was
beating. And with my eyes closed, I kept talking to myself about the strange sensation I was feeling thinking I was out of my head.

Then, I took the phone to call and saw there was a missed call and the ‘heartbeat’ sensation was actually the vibratory tone of my phone! 😜

Day of Malfunctions and A Miracle!

The proverbial dark cloud seemed to have decided to hover over me last Friday (Sept 26, 2014).

My husband and I left home to take the morning flight to Bangalore on Friday early morning. I seemed to have got out of the bed from the wrong side that day!

We stepped out with a new rhythm in our steps. We were taking a weekend off after years!

We walked a distance from our home and I remembered that I had forgotten to take my medicines. My hubby walked back to pick them up.

We sauntered ahead and my shoe died – the sole gave away…. DAMN!!! I had to change my footwear in the middle of the road. Thank God for the early hour. Saved me tons of embarrassment…

Well, we waited 45 minutes for the bus, all the while being meal for the mosquitoes. They probably believed in “Early bird catches the worm”… They partied all over my arm.

The bus arrived and we boarded the bus to the airport. We arrived at the airport all hungry from the morning escapades. After a quick grub we proceeded to the check-in counter, through the security check and into the flight after an hour.

We were greeted with the plastic smiles of the air-hostesses. Wonder when they’ll ever bring the smile that makes their eyes sparkle!

I visited the loo in the flight and then… the naada broke. OK! Naada is the string that holds the salwar. DAMN DAMN DOUBLE DAMN… What the hell was I supposed to do mid-air in a small toilet where I cannot even move comfortably? Of course, pull the string out and tie it over the salwar. Praying it does not slip down. GOD must be having a gala time, I thought!

Walking back to my seat hoping I could somehow survive the ordeal until I could get my bag back and change at the airport. That’s when a smart idea struck my now-dead-brain. I had a pin on me that I could use to string back the naada into my salwar.

So I start back to the toilet. Kept my set of keys on the basin shelf; Started stringing the naada back into the salwar. I was half-way through when the sign to return to my seat buzzed. Hello! This cannot be true. I am only half-done. I cannot go back just yet. My hands started shivering with nervousness. Praying to Krishna to help me get this through.

Somehow I was done and I walked back to my seat glad that the naada was back in holding up my salwar.

We landed at Bangalore and collected our bags. Walked gaily to the bus terminus. Boarded a bus that would take us to the city centre. We were out of the airport now. I suddenly remembered that I had left my key on the basin shelf in the flight!

GOD! What was happening to me. Had I lost it? Was I going through a bad patch or what? This couldn’t be happening! How could I? I was so stupid…. I kept cursing myself. My husband is the calmer variety. He thinks of a solution and not rant about the situation unnecessarily. He called the flight operator on their customer service number. On their advice we returned to the airport. Approached their counter. Related our story to them.

And guess what? After a one-hour tensed wait, I was handed over the keys…

It was a day I’ll never forget.

So many malfunctions in one half-day?

Every dark cloud has its silver lining. Mine had a few too.

1. My husband kept calm and steered the situation to a solution.
2. I hope never to lose my head anymore.

And most importantly, while I thought God was having fun at my cost, it was a case of He looking after me. Was this miracle possible if it wasn’t for Him? Haven’t people lost their luggage and never found them again?

If this wasn’t a miracle, what was?

Sri Krishna Sharanam Mama – Keep me in your shelter, O Krishna!

The building was rocking in an apocalypse. This was it! The end was here!! All I could do was pray and all that came to my mind was Krishna. “Sri Krishna sharanam mama” is all that kept coming to my lips. Krishna take me to your abode. Krishna make me your’s! That is all I could pray.

The shaking of the earth became intense. I said my final goodbyes to those close to me. I mentally bid adieu to those far. The rocks started falling. The water rose and it was all over.

I woke up with a shock. The rhythmic clang of the train brought me to ‘now’. Realising it was all a dream was a relief. Realising that Krishna came to my thoughts was even more heartening.

Make me your’s, Krishna!


I told my kids that they could not use an eraser. One of them asked “WHY?”. I replied explaining that if the eraser is disallowed, they’d be more attentive and not make mistakes.

This set me thinking. Isn’t life same too? We do not get an eraser to undo our mistakes, but yet we seldom pay attention to what we are thinking and doing…

It is so easy to preach and so difficult to practice!


Picture of God

Have you ever noticed how we put up pictures of various Gods everywhere? Be it the walls of our homes, the altar, in the car, in our offices and also as mobile wallpapers or as display pics in various chat apps.

What is with this idea? Does it certify us as most devout? Or does it give us any brownie points with God?

I can’t figure out if it’s our faith in Him or is it our fear?

If we have faith in him, these external paraphernalia are redundant. If we’re fearful, these same paraphernalia are useless.


Disclaimer – I do not intend to hurt the sentiments of those who follow these practices (I have pictures of God in my home, office and mobile). It’s just a thought that took the shape of this post.

Capture my dreams …

I wish I had a way to capture and interpret my dreams! So many thoughts flit through the mind in sleep. Some very interesting insights, some long-forgotten conversations, some favourite music which has not been hummed for ages…. Sadly all are lost the next day, leaving just a feeling of void or emptiness for having lost the thought, the chat or the music. 




Revisiting my long-forgotten blog and what a joy to find thoughts that were stored here for posterity!


What a sight it is to see rains lashing, trees bent with the force of blowing wind, lush green background flashing past as I enjoy the beauty of nature in the fury of the rains from the train window! God is a wonderful artist.



In memory… RIP dear aunt

I remember the time, when as a small girl I first met you. I was only 5! Very impressionable age and you were very inspiring. You took me for my first hair-cut. I tagged along with you everywhere you went. I learnt how to pronounce the words properly (and even today, I speak them as you taught me). You were a role model. As I grew older, I got busy in my life. We did not meet again until a long time. I first realised you were gritty when we were facing the unbelievable situation of you having lost your 18-year old son and me, a very dear cousin. Life moved on. Whether we kept in touch or not, you were loved and remembered. 

Remembered as an icon of grit and determination. A lady of willpower of steel. A lady who spread sunshine with her hearty laugh and infectious zeal to live life to the fullest. 
And today you’ve left us all to meet your son in heaven. Rest in peace dear aunt. 
You’ll still be remembered!
July 3, 2013
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